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Systema Vancouver

No rules, no belts, no nonsense. The System is a fighting art without all the needless baggage.

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About Our Studio

The training addresses the essential aspects of dealing with high risk situations: a stable and balanced psyche, a pliant and healthy body and a strong spirit.  There are no katas, uniforms, belts or ranks. We introduce free work, contact, fear and pain management from the very first class, BUT the training is always done within the emotional and physical limits of the practitioner.

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The studio is CLOSED  for regular classes at this time and in 2019.

 For and up-to-date listing of schools in the BC that are affiliated with Vladimir Vasiliev please visit:

Note on video: Our friends in Brazil have done an amazing job at graphically showing the subtlety of Vladimir’s work. Vladimir can only move at the speed that I can react and not get hurt. So if this doesn’t look convincing enough, then it’s because of my lack of skill not Vladimir’s. If it’s disappointing, please do us a big favour and step up to the plate, because I am always curious to see how good Vladimir is. I always try my best against him, but so far this has been the result.

Note on video: I attack Vladimir as committedly as I can given the conditions. Hardwood floor and me being on one leg when he counters against my knees means that I can very easily get hurt if I attack faster or tenser than I can react.¬†Given the variety and spontaneity of what Vladimir shows, I’m glad he had so much control that I was injury free at the end. It just takes one shoe to get stuck when standing on one leg and you’ll tear an ACL. I’ve seen it live on the street.

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