Systema Vancouver Classes are BACK!!!
Mon and Wed. 5:30PM-7PM
Valkyrie Martial Arts
2603 Kingsway St.
Vancouver, BC V5R 4S9

New video for your enjoyment from Jan 28th Knife Mastery Seminar.

Systema Vancouver classes will bring you many aspects of the Russian Martial Art as taught by Vladimir Vasiliev in Toronto. We focus on breathing, movement, natural body position and generating power from a relaxed body. Systema is a holistic martial art that aims to strengthen the whole person, including aspects like intuition, breathing capacity, body awareness, and much more. 

Systema is a study of principles and a direct experience, therefore we try as much as possible to structure the class in such a way that we don’t do repetitive drills and also allow everybody enough space to experiment with their own solutions to different situations.


We offer Group Training as well as Private Classes. Please email us if interested in private classes.


Please watch a video of Toronto HQ Class.

We try to model our classes based on Vladimir’s example.


Systema will help you to develop the following skills:

Breathing for Endurance

Breathing to Reduce Tension

Effective Wrestling

Powerful and Subtle Strikes

Escape from/ Defend against multiple attackers

Enhanced Intuition and Sensitivity to your Surroundings

Enhanced muscular and joint strength

Enhanced Flexibility

Enhanced Cardio-Vascular Performance

Increased Lung Capacity

Enhance your resistance to injuries