Videos & Links

Video of Vladimir Vasiliev showing Knife Disarming. (The person wielding the knife very unsuccessfully is Cristian):



Martin Wheeler excellent Master Class in 2011 (min 1:40 & 3:50):



Martin Wheeler has taught a Master Class ever year since 2011. I highly recommend his seminars to anybody that really wants to experience Systema in themselves.


Robert Mustard Yoshinkan Aikido Demo, 2008 (Cristian is Uke from 0:47)



Robert Mustard Sensei has had a very large influence on how I practice martial arts. He is one of the premier practitioners of Yoshinkan Aikido in the world and I highly recommend his school to anybody that wants to practice budo and cultivate a strong spirit.

The following videos are of Vladimir Vasiliev teaching.
These are here to help you see a basic idea of what Systema is like.


Vladimir Teaching a Class at Systema HQ in Toronto



Systema History



Movement and Short Work





I am very thankful to everybody for sharing their knowledge and teaching me with all their heart. It’s really an humbling experience to see another human being take the time and support you in your development. I just want to extend a special gratitude to┬áVladimir Vasiliev, Konstantin Komarv and Robert Mustard Sensei.

Below is a series of links to the schools of individuals I have trained with:

Vladimir Vasiliev teaches at Systema HQ in Toronto:

Mikhail Ryabko, Konstantin Komarov, Sergey Ozereliev teach at Systema Moscow Headquarters:

Robert Mustard Sensei teaches Yoshinkan Aikido in Burnaby, British Colubmia. He is a 7 degree black belt in Yoshinkan Aikido and one of the top practitioners in the world. I highly recommand his school and training with his students for anyone that wants to practice budo and cultivate a strong spirit.

Valentin Talanov

Martin Wheeler teaches in Beverly Hills:

Kwan Lee teaches in Seattle, WA

Kaizen Taki teaches in Seattle, WA: