This is a list of helpful resources outside of Systema that has helped me in my training and dealing with specific issues.

Note (don’t confuse the issue): In training we don’t try to accumulate more knowledge. The training is not mean to create PhDs in Systema. Actually we go to opposite way and try to sharpen our awareness and feeling. As such memory and discriminating thinking are counter productive.
That being said the exercises provided by the following resources provide a very good exploration, ideas and exercises.

41ZXY+P5qmL Somatics, by Thomas Hanna is an excellent book for anybody that has back problems. The author explains very well how traumatic events affect the ‘flexibility’ and range of motions of some of our biggest muscles. He also guides the reader through some very effective exercises to heal these injuries.
Highly recommended for anybody that thinks they have ‘chronic’ back problems.


m1Feldenkrais. This is a very interesting and effective method (in my experience) to feel and change your fine movement patterns. Since the body is very much connected with the mind, changes in the movement patterns will have a great effect on your brain too. In Vancouver, Judy Remedios teaches Feldenkrais in her Peak Performance Seminars. More information at:


640Maintaining Your Body with KELLY STARRETT, JILL MILLER. Kelly Starrett has a PhD in Physical Therapy as well as him being a coach and high level athlete (US whitewater rafting team). He teamed up with Creative Live and produced and excellent video program where he explains his understanding a movement that prevents injury and the necessary body maintenance to have a long lasting healthy body.



 Sadhguru. If you are interested in yoga beyond fitness then Sadhguru has a very good “Inner Engineering” course. I found his method very effective for me in dealing with “the chatter” in my mind i.e. thinking about the past or running simulations about the future that produce no results and only stress me. Like everything, what you put in is what you will get. If you only watch a 5 min free video online you probably won’t get much. If you’re interested in more start at